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Iraq War Casualties

Iraq War Casualties
"Our Mighty Leader"
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"no evidence existed of Iraq's complicity or assistance in al Qaeda's terrorist attacks, including 9/11."

American Deaths in Iraq:
*Hostile-fire deaths:
American Deaths in Iraq: 1012 since war began March 20, 2003. 873 since May 1, 2003 Bush carrier speech on end of "major combat operations." *Hostile-fire deaths: 765 total. 655 since May 1, 2003. *Wounded: 7040

And Look Who Is Still Free....


The number of children killed in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" approaches
the total number of people killed in the September 11 attacks. Add to that those that will inevitably succomb to disease, hunger and deprivation,
and George W. Bush has killed more children than Osama
bin Laden killed adults. And no, that's not "moral equivalence".
That's just dead bodies. However, to claim that the mission somehow
enobles the deaths (especially when the mission is utter bullshit) is
moral relativism, something good rock-ribbed Republicans are not
supposed to tolerate.
Anyway, aren't you proud that George W. Bush and his administration
care about your safety so much that they would kill that many babies
to protect you from a fictional threat? 


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